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Suitable for shoes outsole stitching

This size is thicker than size 210/12


~ Sila minta ajar daripada Tukang Kasut kalau tak tahu cara guna gam ini. Sebab mereka yang guna gam ni untuk buat kasut, end user/ orang biasa tak berapa pandai guna.
[Please seek advices from Cobbler if you dont know how to use it because they are more profession than normal people]

  • Size ini sesuai untuk jahit body kasut
  • Size ini halus daripada size 12, 15, 18 dan 21
  • Kualiti yg bagus 

Can resole your futsal shoes and sneakers


Model: YLT 668 *Love your Sneakers but outsole is broken? 

As long as the uppers are fine, the bottoms can always be fixed using YLT 668! Purchase this brand new outsole and send to cobbler for stitching purpose. 

Normally cobblers charge RM15-25 labour fee depends on the area and type of thread applied.